Statue Of Liberty

The 10 Best Things To Do In Statue Of Liberty

This article provides an overview of the top 10 things to do in Statue of Liberty, what they’re all about, and how to get there.

Why Visit the Statue Of Liberty

If you’re visiting the Statue of Liberty, be sure to plan your trip around the anniversary celebration on July 4th. The park is closed on Mondays and some holidays, but otherwise it’s open all year round! There are so many things to do at the statue, whether you want to take in the sights and sounds of Ellis Island or visit the Gandhi Memorial. Be sure to check out the free tours that depart every hour from near the entrance. And if you have kids in tow, don’t miss out on New York City’s largest playground just steps away from the statue!

Things to Do in the Statue of Liberty

If you’re visiting the Statue of Liberty and want to do something fun, check out the following:

-Take a walk around the base of the statue and see all of the different sculptures and markings.
-Visit the gift shop and buy some souvenirs (or just take a picture with them).
– climbs up to Lady Liberty’s torch for a great view.
– Take a free audio tour of the museum on your way in or out.
-Stand in line for tickets to climb up the torch at sunrise or sunset.
-Explore Ellis Island, which is right next door to the statue.

Tips for Visiting the Statue of Liberty

If you’re planning a visit to the Statue of Liberty, here are some tips to help you enjoy your time.

First, know that admission is free for adults every day (with limited exceptions noted below) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including weekends and holidays. However, there are several ways to save on your visit: buy an attraction ticket package, purchase tickets at the visitor center or by phone, or use the discount cards available at select locations.

To get the most out of your trip, start by planning your route in advance. The best way to do this is to download the free official Statue of Liberty map and guidebook from This map includes all the highlights of the statue and provides detailed information about how to get there and what to expect on your visit.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, take some time to explore each area of the statue—inside and out! Some recommendations include touring Lady Liberty’s chamber (check out her impressive collection of crystals), taking a walk on Bedloe’s Island (a great spot for photos), checking out Captain EO’s theater (where you can watch a short film about Lady Liberty), visiting Ellis Island (a must-see for history buffs), or climbing up atop Lady Liberty’s copper cap (an amazing 360-degree view).

And don’t forget about the little things! Take time to stop by one

Last But Not The Least

If you’re ever in New York City and have some free time, be sure to check out the Statue of Liberty. Not only is it a beautiful sight to behold, but there are also plenty of things to do in the area. From touring Ellis Island to admiring the view from Lady Liberty’s torch, there’s really something for everyone who visits. Hopefully this list has helped you decide what attractions you should add to your itinerary when you visit New York City!

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